Azimut 8 Series System

8 Series Server

Fully managed 8-port rugged Ethernet switch

High performance solution offering entertainment and internet for passengers.

4 LTE module
Up to 8 SIMS
Up to 12 TV channels

Main features:

Extremely Rugged

Fanless and Maintenance-free Design

High Speed, High Efficiency and Extensive Protocols

Allows the Integration of Third-party Systems

Compliant to Railway Standards

Other 8 Series system features


Prepared for hostile environments (temperature, vibration, etc.) as well as being maintenance-free due to being watertight and not carrying a battery.

Wifi antenna Indoor

Omnidirectional antenna with multiband support valid for passenger service with all types of wireless devices.

4G antenna Outdoor

Multiband antenna with MIMO functionality to get the best performance from mobile communications. Simultaneous connectivity to the GPS network.

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