Power & Electricity

Energy Onboard

Modular Energy Solution

Modular energy solution

An innovative solution to offer energy on board based on an electric distribution rail that allows to provide
power to your seats quickly, simply and safely, when and where it is needed.

unique solutionUnique Solution

easy installationEasy installation

save time and moneySave Time & Money



A single cable feeds all the devices integrated in a seat (screens, sockets, etc.), without additional installations. Reorganize and change the seats without a hassle. Simple installations in the PWR area and with the possibility of adding more charging points to the same rail.

add move and reposition outlets easily

USB Chargers

The widespread use of smartphones and tablets has created
an increasing need for user accessible, on the move charging systems.
Certificates for railway installations. See approvals HERE.

usb chargers for railway applications

Easy installation into Seatback screens, connects directly into carriage walls or under the seats using the mounting pod.

Up to 2.1A output (single) 3.0A (double) 

Max 1.5A per socket


Apple and Android autodetection

LED output indicator CE and

E Marked


The perfect solution if your system specifications require galvanic isolation. 

Provides 6 Amps or 12 Amps of continuous power. 

Strong aluminium casting. 

Tamper proof. 

Quick and easy installation.

Azimut inverters

Seat mounted light


Seat mounted reading light

The discreet solution for personal reading lights, installed on the back of the seat in front of you.  

Directable personal lighting, easy to turn on and off. Maximum comfort for both the user and their neighbours. 

Slim design. Can be installed with as little as 20mm of rear space. 

Designed to match with our range of USB chargers.

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